Tempting My Billionaire Master

I thought I was going to interview the most secretive billionaire on the planet…
…but I ended up in his underground dungeon instead.

Ethan Hamilton is a mystery to the world. No one knows anything about him, except that he’s rich, powerful, and dangerously attractive.

And he wants me.

That smoldering emerald gaze. That delicious body under the tailored suit. That powerful, masculine scent.
And an army of trained killers set on ruining our evening with unwelcome violence.

But he protects me from everything fate throws at us and I never felt safer than in his embrace.
He locks me up in his underground bunker and then claims me and it feels like a dream.

A dream I don’t deserve.

He is a powerful hot billionaire who cooks and plays the piano.
I am just Chloe.
How can I hope to hold his attention when the danger is over?
Is there a way to save myself from a broken heart?

I save his life and then abandon him in the hospital, hoping I can forget him before it kills me.

But it doesn’t seem like he is going to give up that easily.
Because once Ethan Hamilton makes something his, he is not letting it go.

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