Tangled Desires

A perfect stranger to have fun with during a masked ball? Check. A ruthless billionaire who wants to destroy my community? Check.
A man who makes me fall for him? NEVER!

Cassius Portman is the hot forty-year-old billionaire bachelor who all the tabloids have in their sights.
An ideal distraction for one steamy night…

And then, I return to working as a maid, helping out at the community center and taking care of my ailing father.
Not to mention helping Chad and Rachel with their homework and doing house chores because my stepmother Brenda is too lazy for manual labor.

But then my ‘ideal distraction’ returns and threatens my mother’s legacy…

Mr. Portman wants to destroy my community center and build towers of glass and steel.
I want to strangle him and straddle him at the same time.

Then he says that he is willing to reconsider, but at what price?
We are from different dimensions and he is too rich and handsome for anything real.

But who says I can’t pretend to like the man I hate to save my family?