My Possessive Billionaire

What could be worse than having a one-night stand with a ruthless billionaire?
Marrying one, of course.

Mr. Evan Jones is not a typical billionaire though.
Yes, he is mind-numbingly hot, filthy rich and acts as if he owns people.
But there is one little fact that makes him especially insufferable…

He is a celebrity.

And now this playboy wants to add a couple of billions to his net worth by improving his public image…
…and I have to play the role of the obedient wife for the whole year.

I am ten years younger than him, infinitely poorer than him and frankly, he is out of my league.
But it doesn’t mean that he can keep me locked in his manor and order me around!

He wants me to call him Sir and I have to admit that sometimes I want to.

And no matter how much I try to convince myself that our marriage is fake…
…I can’t help but think of one simple question:

What if?