My Bossy Billionaire

I dared to challenge my billionaire boss.
A mistake. A very big mistake.

Marshall Lane broke into my existence and flung me from the small restaurant kitchen into the chic office on top of a skyscraper.
And he did all of this just to teach me a lesson.

Such is the power of a billionaire with a chiseled body under an impeccable suit…
…and not even ten years of age difference nor his cold demeanor can keep me away.

Until he reveals that he was using me all along.

I don’t care if it is a cruel joke or a “just business” situation.
I just don’t understand why I have to choose between the man and the job.

Mr. Lane makes the choice very easy by being the worst boss ever.
But he is also the one pulling the money strings.

But maybe the way to the ultimate prize…
…is to lose.