Meet Stan, the Billionaire

Meeting your new billionaire boss sounds exciting…
Until he turns out to be your unforgettable one-night stand from the night before.

Stan is a billionaire with a bad reputation. He doesn’t do love, only deals.

He summons me to his office and tells me that he wants me…
…to be his fake girlfriend to prove that true love doesn’t exist.

It is hard to disagree when you have to spend time with His Bosshole Majesty.
The only one he loves is himself.

It’s supposed to be easy. Just pretend to be his arm candy and collect a fat paycheck. No strings attached.

But he’s not playing fair.

He touches me like he means it.
He kisses me like he wants me.
He whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

Stan makes me want him, need him, crave him. He makes me forget that this is all a lie.

I need the money to help my parents, but the price becomes too high.
We began playing pretend and ended up playing with fire.

But what happens when the game is over?
Can I walk away from this charade without getting burned?

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