Meet Jon, the Billionaire

So I met a billionaire with the hottest buns.
And I know all about hot buns – I work in a bakery.

I thought I’d found the perfect solution to save my bakery. A corner lot that would help me expand and keep my dreams alive.

But there’s a catch. A big, handsome, infuriating catch.

Jon, the intoxicating business mogul, is set on acquiring the same lot to grow his empire. And he’s not going to let me have it without a fight.
He’s also not going to let me go without a kiss. Or a touch. Or a night in his bed.

He doesn’t know that I know about his plans to ruin my bakery.
He thinks he can charm me into giving up my dreams.
He thinks he can seduce me into forgetting his betrayal.

But I won’t let him win.

The problem is, every time he touches me, I forget why I’m fighting. Every time he kisses me, I forget why I’m angry. Every time he holds me, I forget why I hate him.

How can I resist him when he makes me feel desired? How can I trust him when he lies to me every day? How can I want him when he’s my worst enemy?

Can I have it all – the bakery, the lot, and the billionaire?
Or will I have to choose between my heart and my dreams?