Meet Chandler, the Billionaire

Yesterday he was a delicious one-night stand with fire in his eyes.
Today he is my new ice-cold billionaire boss.

Mr. Chandler Reese, in his sharp suit and icy stare, telling me what to do.

He is strict and grumpy.
He makes me follow the office rules.
And I hate every second of it!

Why did it have to be the man who gave me the best night of my life?

I try to tell myself that I need this job.
I try to tell myself that it could never work.

But how can I forget the way he touched me, kissed me, claimed me?
And how can I resist him when he calls me into his office for some “extra work”?

But when I’m suddenly accused of being a corporate spy, he becomes my archnemesis once again.
My big, handsome and short-tempered supervillain.
The one who breaks my heart.

Now I have to prove my innocence, but is there a way to fix everything after what he did to me?

Can I trust him with my heart again?
Or will he shatter it into pieces?