Hard Bargain

I used to be his student. I used to be his lover. Now I’m his employee.
Mr. Hayes is many things, but he is not asking for a second chance.
He just takes it.

Sebastian is the hottest CEO in the country and he knows it.
But I have a job to do and a reputation to protect.
I’m the best marketing manager he ever had and I need to prove it to him and everyone else.
Even if it means going head-to-head with Mr. Bosshole.

What can go wrong?
More than I bargained for.

The stakes are high and the risks are even higher.
If we fail, we lose our careers.
If we succeed, we lose our hearts.
Unless someone spills our dirty secret first.

This is a dangerous game and we both know it.
The problem is that Sebastian Hayes doesn’t play by the rules.
He makes them.